Garden (sml/lrg) $3.99/$5.99

fresh mixed greens, cucumber, tomato,

carrot, and your choice of dressing

Citrus $6.99

fresh mixed greens, craisins, sugared walnuts, house citrus vinaigrette

ClassicCaesar $6.99

crisp romaine hearts, caesar dressing,

parmesan cheese, and croutons

w/ beef tenderloin add $3

w/ chicken strips add $2

w/ portobello mushroom cap add $1.50

w/ and portobello add $3

Greek $7.99

crisp romaine hearts, feta cheese, red onion,

kalamata olives, and balsamic vinaigrette

Asian $8.99

fresh mixed greens, grilled chicken,

mandarin oranges, water chestnuts,

rice noodles, and house citrus vinaigrette

Antipasto $8.99

fresh mixed greens, deluxe ham,

cappicola ham, genoa salami,

provolone cheese, black and green olives,

croutons, pepperoncini,

oregano, and Italian dressing

Chef $8.99

fresh mixed greens, deluxe ham,

oven-gold turkey, American cheese,

hard-boiled egg, cucumber, croutons,

and your choice of dressing


house citrus vinaigrette, Italian, lite Italian,

balsamic vinaigrette, ranch, bleu cheese,

peppercorn parmesan, caesar, french,

fat-free raspberry vinaigrette, sesame ginger,sweet vidalia, thousand island

Café Signature Sandwiches

Crab Cake Sandwich $8.99

pan-seared jumbo lump crab cake served on a fresh

kaiser roll with house remoulade sauce

Beef Tenderloin $8.99

beef tenderloin served on a fresh kaiser roll withsauteed onions

Sierra Chicken $7.99

tender grilled chicken breast served on a fresh kaiser roll with pesto mayonnaise, field greens, red onion,and balsamic vinaigrette

Nick’s Manhattan $7.99

roast beef on a toasted garlic-buttered hoagie bun with brown gravy and melted mozzarella cheese

Reuben $7.99

corned beef on grilled rye bread lined with Russiandressing, topped with melted Swiss cheese & sauerkraut

Turkey Reuben $7.99

oven-gold turkey on grilled rye bread lined with Russian dressing, topped with coleslaw & melted Swiss cheese

Tuna Melt $7.99

all-white albacore tuna, melted American cheese,tomato, grilled rye bread

Turkey Club $7.99

3 slices of white toast, oven-gold turkey, lettuce,tomato, mayo, and bacon

Ham & Swiss Sub $7.99

deluxe ham on a fresh hoagie bun, melted Swiss cheese,roasted red peppers, choice of mayo or mustard

Cold Subs

Boar’s Head Brand®

premium meats and cheeses

served with lettuce, tomato,

side of chips and pickles

all $7.99

Italian, American, Roast Beef, Turkey,Tuna, or Chicken Salad

Burgers and Dogs

Burger $5.99

our 7oz all-beef burger grilled to your liking, served on a fresh kaiser roll, lettuce and tomato on request

w/ cheese – add 75¢

Deluxe burger $6.99

7oz burger with lettuce, tomato, mayo, and bacon

Hot Dog$3.99

all-beef Boar’s Head foot-long hot dogon a fresh bun

Texas $4.99

foot-long, topped with our homemade chili sauce,mustard, and onion


Fries/Cheese Fries $2.50/2.99

Potato Salad (sml/lrg) $1.25/2.50

asta (sml/lrg) $1.25/2.50

Chicken Bites

small $5.99 large $8.99

all-white-meat chicken breast fried and sauteed with house mild wing sauce, side ofbleu cheese & celery


choice of angel hair, penne, or farfalle pasta served with homemade marinara/vodka sauce $6.99/7.99


Portofino Sandwich $6.50

marinated portobello mushroom cap, grilled and topped with roasted red peppers and mozzarella cheese

Spicy Black Bean Burger $6.50

Southwest-style black bean burger topped with melted cheddar cheese and salsa, served on a fresh kaiser roll

Veggie $5.99

fresh grilled vegetables marinated withbalsamic dressing, rolled in asoft flour fajita

Hot Subs

side of chips and pickles

Beef Cheesesteak $7.99

w/ marinara sauce – add 50¢

Chicken Cheesesteak $7.99

w/ house mild wingsauce, side of

bleu cheese and celery – add 75¢

w/ marinara or smokey bbq sauce – add 50¢


lettuce, tomato, side of chips and pickles

read: white, wheat, rye, pita, croissant, Italian, oat

Cheese: American, Swiss, provolone, cheddar

Deluxe Ham, Oven-Gold Turkey,

or Cracked Peppermill Turkey $6.99

Roast Beef, Corned Tuna, or Chicken Salad $6.99


Grilled Cheese $4.50

1/2 sandwich & cup of soup $6.99


fresh flour fajitas

Buffalo Chicken Wrap $7.99

grilled chicken breast, house mild wing sauce, melted American cheese, side of bleu cheese & celery

Chicken Caesar Wrap $7.99

grilled chicken, romaine lettuce,parmesan cheese, caesar dressing

eef Tenderloin Wrap $8.99tenderloin, Cajun spread, sauteed mushrooms & onions

Southwestern $7.99

cracked peppermill turkey, cheddar cheese, creamy salsa,black olives, lettuce, tomato

icilian $7.99cappicola ham, genoa salami, provolone cheese,sweet peppers, lettuce, tomato, oil and vinegar

Turkey Club Wrap $7.99

oven-gold turkey, lettuce, tomato, mayo, bacon


on fresh-baked dry-grilled ciabatta bread

(multi-grain ciabatta available)

Chicken Salad $8.50with roasted red peppers, melted provolone

Roast Beef $8.50

with melted swiss cheese, horseradish and red onion

Turkey Club $8.50

oven-gold turkey, melted American cheese, lettuce, tomato, mayo, bacon

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